24 November 2012

Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde 20th Anniversary

"When the Pharcyde burst onto the scene in the summer of '92 with its brilliantly disconnected grab bag Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde, it seemed at first an innocuously enjoyable, goofy if somewhat lightweight disc. However, it would swiftly become clear that there were deeper waters stirring within the Pharcyde's rhymes and rhythms, and that the group's style was unlike that of those who came before. The main distinction came in the Pharcyde's subject matters, which run the gamut from the usual sexual conquests all the way to rejection and masturbation. The group's lyrics are often reflective and vulnerable, bordering on self-deprecating at times. While many rappers who came before poked fun at themselves as a gimmick, the Pharcyde relates its rebuffs with confident candor."1

Allmusic calls the album's production "easily some of the tightest and most inventive of any hip-hop record of the era."2

NME magazine stated, "The Pharcyde use jazz samples and phat beats to the ultimate effect: to create their own sonic Utopia.".1

Ya Mama

Oh Shit!

Passin' Me By

Pack The Pipe

An awesome 20th anniversary mixtape by DJ Chris Read for Delicious Vinyl is here.

Read about the album on wikipedia.

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